Astronomers Find Earth-like Planet In Another Solar System

A newly discovered rocky planet may be the most Earth-like yet found in another solar system, scientists believe. Kepler-186f is almost exactly the same size as the Earth and occupies its...


Lagos to pull down weak masts by April 30

BY OLABISI OLALEYE Following huge losses caused by last Sunday rain, the Lagos State Government has issued ultimatum to owners of communications masts with hollow-pipes to replace them with...


MTN One World: Browse abroad, feel at home

PICTURE this: It’s the holiday season and you’re having the time of your life in a luxurious location outside the country. You want to tweet to your friends back home and tell them...


Delegates Adjourn For Easter Break

About half of the 490 delegates of the National Conference turned up yesterday for the last sitting of the week after which  they adjourned to next week Tuesday in observation of the Easter...


Unfinished World Cup stadium worries FIFA

BY MONICA IHEAKAM With 55 days to go before the kickoff of the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup, concerns is mounting  over Brazil’s preparedness  to host the Mundial   after the...

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DJ Abrantee and May7ven bring afrobeats lovers an array of emerging talent at Camden’s Jazz Cafe

DJ Abrantee and UK Afrobeats Queen May7ven brought the best of the best in the UK Afrobeats scene to Jazz Café for the Afrobeats Live Show on Sunday 13th April 2014.


Dencia About To Launch Vibrating Vagina Wash Machine

Dencia is about to launch a new product; deep cleanser vibrating vagina wash machine and says she needs 10 women to try it first. See another update from her after the cut.


360Fresh: Mastah Deg – Big Black N**** (Ise Yen Refix)

Industry Rookie Mastah Deg decides to take a more gruelling, yet Dramatic route on This "Ise Yen" Instrumental as He portrays what probably Goes on in the Life of every Youngin'


Royal Destiny 2 - Royal Destiny

This is a Nigerian Nollywood Ghallywood Movie "Royal Destiny" War arises and the authority of the king is questioned,can he quench the fire of love that burn...


National conference and Itsekiris exclusion brouhaha

IT was simply natural that angry reactions had trailed the initiation of the National conference recently, coming as to did from the Itsekiri nationals all over the country, who had felt and...

Video Buzz


It was just supposed to be a Mall Activation for AY Live - the Happiness Edition - on Easter Sunday. But it turned out a memorable Happiness Hourm.


Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc Skills Development Scheme – Production

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc has been a part of the lives of Nigerians at home and abroad. Our global vision is to be a leading foods company in Africa providing high quality and affordable...